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The Special People Journal

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January 18th, 2009

04:25 pm
PS: In case the two of you didn't already figure it out, this is Katie, also known as Cricket, also known as Crickets. I'm sort of new at this and I don't really understand the blogging software. For example, I've just learned that it's impossible to edit a journal entry once you've already posted it. Just FYI.

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02:55 pm - From last summer: singing underwater
Like I said, I have dreams all the time about floods, about water. Last summer I had a dream that my friend Rachel and I were at North Beach, and she was teaching me to sing under water. We'd duck under and she's sing something, just a few bars, to show me how. It was this beautiful old French madrigal I've heard somewhere. And I'd try to imitate her, and I wouldn't be able to; all that would come out was bubbles. But when she sang, it was beautiful. She had a really good voice, and the singing was louder underwater. I couldn't do it myself, and after a while we were both getting pretty frustrated. Finally I asked her how she could do it, how she could sing without exhaling.at all, how her vocal cords were making such a vibration that they could make sound that strong in water. She rolled her eyes indulgently, and said, "You have to stop breathing, first of all."

"Well, I understand that," I told her. "But how do you sing without exhaling?"

This is the part that really gets me; she looked like I was already supposed to understand this part. She said, "You have to be dead to do it. Beyond that, it's just a question of focus, and practice. Like circular breathing."

After she said that I realized that even though she was moving her mouth, and even though she was forming discrete words, I wasn't actually hearing her with my ears. I couldn't work out what that was all about, or how that was even happening; it was like I'd imagined the sound of her speaking. So I said, "Say something. Speak again, please."

But then I realized that when I spoke, I couldn't hear my own voice. I shouted, and it was hard, but I forced myself to make a noise. Then she said,

"Don't get so excited. Never mind; if that's the way you're going to react, let's swim instead." And we did.

After I woke up I remembered that Rachel was, in fact, dead; she died in 2004.

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02:55 pm - Testing... One, Two, Three. Testing.
Okay, so this is the promised journal. It's green. Keesha, Sarah, if you have a problem with the green color or you wish it looked different, post to say so.

"And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!"

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